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Globe Village Beach (GVB) strives to become a home-away-from-home village recreational beach. This business will provide user-friendly hotel accommodation, recreational amenities, schools, colleges, hospitals, clinics, pubs and restaurants, performing stages, disco halls, gymnasium and a parkings.
Services will include but will not be limited to skills development in hospitality and management, vocational and in-service training aimed at empowering the youth with specific emphasis on the coming generation.
Whilst nurturing the youth efforts will be geared towards entrepreneurial training for self-employment creation. The GVB Skills Academy will offer paid courses through accredited service providers. The income generated will contribute towards start-up funds


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Accommodation, Gardens, Restaurant and Tourist

Our planning focuses on accessing investor funding for the new venture (Venture Capital). Market potential for the product and services. Our customers include grass-root community members, foreign visitors, guests, researchers, the corporate and public sectors. Resource allocation and optimum utilization Market vision and brand forecasts. All factor remaining equal, our ultimate aim is to become a buffer tourism and hospitality service provider.

Globe Village Beach

The Most Clean & Beautiful City in the World


Our Purposes


To provide efficient and high quality service to both domestic and foreign tourist as well business entities with affordable and excellent value for money while adding value to customers.


To become a world class city, a home away from home where people from different corners of the world will get business opportunities as well as having some good times together.

Core Values

GVB subscribes to the principles of honesty and trust, responsibility, accountability, fairness, hospitable, teamwork, and transparency as cornerstones of good corporate governance. Besides, we will constantly strive towards the following values:
To make our business unique by having a complete line of services that will be constantly desired by our clients.
To increase, retain, and grow with our potential clientele.
To serve clientele diligently
To maintain high ethical standards at all times.
Zero tolerance towards safety, health, environmental and quality hazards.
To maintain hard work, dedication and achievement of measurable results.
To demonstrate integrity founded on honesty, trust and ethical behaviour. 


The Home Away From Home


The Home Away From Home

Goal Settings

Our planning focuses on accessing investor funding for the new venture (Venture Capital).
Market potential for the product and services. Our customers include grass-root community members, foreign visitors, guests, researchers, the corporate and public sectors.
Resource allocation and optimum utilization
Market vision and brand forecasts. All factor remaining equal, our ultimate aim is to become a buffer tourism and hospitality service provider.

The new venture market is segmented targeting the rural, semi-rural, peri-urban areas and vulnerable groups whose customer needs remain untapped. There is a growing need to bring tourism much closer to the grass-root in order to enrich content. The reasons for this state of affairs are both historical and contemporary. The triple challenges namely structural inequalities, poverty and unemployment arise largely from the legacy of slavery, colonialism and neocolonialism. This great potential will give the new venture a higher competitive advantage. The target segments are:

Rural and domestic – caters for those who will require facilities on special occasions e.g. weddings and birthday parties. This market is growing with larger numbers of “middle to upper income bracket” people with disposable income wanting to record special events. Quality and service are prerequisites and will be the first factors that a customer would consider. Price would be the second consideration.
Corporate – Businesses that will have conferences, seminars, training, as well as advertising and promotion. Quality and service will be the first factors taken into consideration when awarding a contract with price being the second consideration.
Public sector – Government departments, the nonprofits and civil society, academia and researchers.
Local government – District councils and municipalities
Analysis of Competitors



The initial funding required is $1.700,000,000,00 USD to be paid off over 10 (ten) years. The funding will cover the total Capital Cost; Hotel use items; Initial Working Capital; buildings’ construction; television infrastructure; security and CCV cameras; office equipment and supplies; advertising and marketing costs; 3 omnibus and 1 bus; 6 four X fours and 1 truck; 12-car fleet; personnel expenses; insurance; operational costs and contingencies

We are seeking investor funding for the construction and development of Globe Village Beach (GVB) in Kitagwenda Mahyoro, Western Uganda. GVB will be an adult- marketed multifaceted village beach specialising in the provision of amenities for hotel accommodation, relaxation, entertainment, edutainment and recreation. The venture will not only breathe new tourism life but will also impact the lives of communities in Kitagwenda Mahyoro, Western Uganda. Moderately priced to cater for medium-income brackets and external tourists, GVB will fill an affordability niche in the market as there isn’t any such facility available in Kamwenge.

Combined with hotel accommodation, bar and restaurant, swimming pool, entertainment through live music coupled with a gymnasium and sauna, we are seeking investment funding to construct hotel accommodation comprising 30 cottages, 120 self-contained rooms, a swimming pool, a performance stage, a disco hall and 100-vehicle parking. We are seeking investor funding to develop and expand the business in a phase approach.

The basis for the business plan is a combination of primary and secondary research upon which the marketing strategies are built. Focus group conversations and face-to-face interviews were held with a variety of individuals involved in similar business around Kampala City, Hoima ‘Oil’ City, Fort Portal and Mbarara Cities in Uganda in order to develop pro-forma data, review market potential and the competitive environment. 6

GVB’s business plan has been developed to establish the start-up strategy to attract investors in the new venture. The sustainability plan will entail ‘organisational sustainability’ – how the project will sustain itself in event of no further funding; financial sustainability – how the venture will map out and carry out profit-generating activities; and ‘community sustainability’ – how the community will partake in the project implementation strategy.

The entrepreneur has a better sense of the market, the product and service to be marketed and diversified, the management team, the technical skills and financial needs of the venture. As the venture metamorphoses from infancy as a start-up to mature business, planning will continue as management seeks to meet its short-term and long-term business and strategic goals. The entrepreneur has tried his best to consider the business through the eyes of their customer and investor.

Last but not least, the project lays specific emphasis on the conservation and maintenance of Uganda’s flora and fauna ecosystem around the lake thereby improving and developing Uganda’s tourism industry. The project’s rationale is premised and informed by the problems it seeks to address namely the rural-urban dichotomy and spatial distribution of recreational facilities.

It must be noted that the high concentration of amenities in urban areas lend more credence and justification of GVB in a rural setting of Kitagwenda Mahyoro, Western Uganda which will positively impact on the beneficiaries’ wellness. Competitive swimming, football and in-door and out-door sports will result in reduced stress levels and improved cognitive wellness.

This report is confidential and is the property of the owners listed above. It is intended only for use by persons for whom it is transmitted and any reproduction or divulgence of any of its contents without the prior written consent of the company is prohibited.

This document is confidential and has been made available on the understanding that its contents will not be disclosed or discussed with any third parties except for the individual’s own professional advisers.

Investment in new and small businesses carries high risks as well as the possibility of high rewards. It is highly speculative and potential investors should be aware that no established market exists for the trading of shares in private companies. Prospective investors are advised to verify all material facts and to take advice from a professional advisor before entering into any commitments.

This business plan is strictly for information purposes only and does not constitute a prospectus or an invitation to subscribe for shares. Projections in the plan have been compiled for illustrative purposes and do not constitute profit forecasts. The eventual outcome may be more or less favourable than that portrayed. The information is believed to be reliable, and Globe Village Beach (GVB) is geared towards making representations or warranties with respect to the information provided herein. The financial capital expenditure projections that are part of the plan represent estimates that are based on research and analysis, but are not guaranteed, ceteris paribus.

Protection f Trade Secrets for a New VentureThe entrepreneur will protect their investment by:

Restricting access to sensitive documents
Defining in an employee contract what belongs to the venture and what belongs to the employee
Using specific nondisclosure agreements and noncompliance clauses to protect against unfortunate scenarios
Preparing to file a lawsuit, if all else fails.


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